to wii or not to wii

ok. first off. I am not questioning whether or not I should visit the bathroom. That is not what this post is about.
I am pondering aquiring nintendo’s latest console. Yes. I refuse to use it’s name in this post as I think it’s one giant eufamism.
I mean. come on. It is the only console I know where people give you dirty looks when you talk about it. For instance. I can say with no problem my sister has a gameboy. There is nothing wrong it all when saying that she let me play her game boy ds. However, people will either glare at you or think you’re from tenessee when you emfatically state that you’re sister let you play with her wii.

Ok. That out of the way. Should I buy this thing? I borrowed one briefly, and yes it was my sister’s. I was more than displeased with the concept of having to point at menus. this wouldn’t bother me so much if there was an alternate way of getting around. My problem is. There are a ton of games on the virtual console I want to play. Of course, I can’t independently buy anything off the virtual console, so what’s the point. Nintendo, can you please just go back to having everything use controllers and get rid of the wii mote. blind people hate it.


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