The Little fire that almost did, but decided not to.

I’ve been dealing with computer periferals and electronics for awhile now. I Certainly am not at the level of expertese where I can assemble and disassemble electronic equipment at will. However, today was a great example of someone who isn’t exactly an expert knowing somethingwas very wrong.

I had recorded a podcast using my olympuss ds20 this morning. It was in regards to the best way to organize one’s collection of video games. I thought it would be something interesting, and different. Recording was the easy part. When it came time to transfer the audio from my olympuss to my pc, I plugged in the olympus, and plugged in the usb cable like normal. However, there was no cheerful duh ding from my pc. Instead, Ther ewas only depressing silence. So I figgured I’d check my computer to see if maybe the device had shown up, and I had missed it. Well. NO device. It was certainly a curious concept. NO Device? Well, maybe the USB port on the front of this machine is weird. I should try the back ports. That’s when I smelled something like burning rubber. Burning rubber I thought? That’s kind of odd. Wait a second! The USB cable!
I yanked out the usb cable from the pc only to be met witha burning hot cable. Looking at it, it looks like the covering on the wire had started to warp which I’m assuming meant it was melting.

Good thing I didn’t go off to do something else. I might of had a mess to deal with, and possibly no room or house. Plus, I’d have a less than pleased family.
So my question is. What the hell happened? I have never seen anything like that happen before in my life. Anyone got any ideas?


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