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I’ve always considered myself fairly open minded about technology. I certainly don’t swear allegiance to any particular company or system. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s good I’ll use it. I say this because I wanted to write about my thoughts concerning apple’s latest Phone the IPhone 3gs.

Let me start by saying that yes I do come from a windows background. And yes, I am not totally familiar with everything apple. I did however spend time before I left reading the manual and getting to understand terminology. I also feel that when it comes to new products, I am very quick to pick up concepts. So.. let me begin.

Apple has several stations setup where you can try new technology. The IPhone of course being at a table. I was impressed with the phone’s design. It’s long, skinny, and shiny. I tend to notice that most everything apple makes has a shine to it. Of course, I’m not going to purchase based on a device’s polished exterior. So, how did I like the phone. That’s the important part.

Honestly. I didn’t. The concept to me was very interesting, and I loved the fact, that I could pick up the phone, and navigate the menus with little to no sighted assistance. Though the sales rep that was sitting with me noticed I was floundering a small bit. One of the things to remember about a phone with a touch screen is that it is going to require a certain amount of spatial awareness. After being told that there was four rows of icons, I started to get the hang of navigating. I did have the commands memorized, but it might of been advantageous for me to bring a cheat sheet with me. I may remember that for next time, as I refuse to write off a phone on one visit. My other issue is that it didn’t seem very responsive. I would touch something onscreen, and then have to wait to hear what it was I actually touched. I tend to wonder if I was pressing too hard, or was touching blank space. The pair of ear buds I had brought from home didn’t do me any favors either.

It’s not all gloom and doom though, as there were things I liked. Web browsing was fun. IN fact, in the five minutes I was using Safari I was able to find a youtube video all about kites. And that’s another thing. to find said video, I had to actually use the keyboard. This was something I enjoyed. I could of done myself a favor by swapping to landscape mode. but either way, I did pretty good at typing. I really liked the concept of split double tapping. put your finger on something, then tap with your other hand, or with another finger. I didn’t get the motions down right so I sort of looked funny.

So where do I go from here? I want to take another trip back to the store and spend more time with it now that I’m more familiar with how it works. I still haven’t been able to embrace the phone, but I wonder if a bit of time with it will change my attitude. I’m interested in what people have to say. Maybe more experienced users will be able to make suggestions that may be helpful. My ears are always open.

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