The Iphoen two years later

I was looking back at my blog and realized the last time I blogged was two years ago. I had written about how unsure I was about purchasing an Iphone. Wow have times changed.

I love My Iphone. Enough said. It’s opened up a whole new world to me hither to unknown. I remember having it for the first two days and wondering what I had gotten myself in to. And then all of a sudden everything just clicked. I was amazed with how easily I was able tonavigate, send email, text, and a ton of other stuff. All with a phone that I had purchased at a store with out any extra accessibility software. No Mobile speak! No Talks! Just a phone off of a shelf. The best part was when Apple added bluetooth keyboard support. I was able to turn my phone in to more or less a PDA. How great is that?

I won’t yammer on about how much I love this phone. Other than I’ve done a complete turn around.

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