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A year ago, I bought a Motorola Q and was excited about the prospects of using it with Mobile speek. Up to this point, it’s worked flawlessly. However, with what ever they’ve done with the new version, they have utterly destroyed a lot of it’s useability.

Let’s start with message boxes. When any message box appears, Mobile speak feels like reading said contents at least three times. Let me say how annoying this gets. Older versions worked fine.

Then there is the general instability of windows mobile 5. There have been a vast number of times where the device hasn’t worked like it should thus requiring a restart. This drives me up the wall. I bought a phone so that I could use it, not so that I could keep soft resetting it every 20 minutes. Oh, and the 45 seconds I have to wait for the phone to boot is a little ridiculous too.

Finally, Text messaging. If you use mobile speak, you’ll know all too well what I’m talking about. Go ahead and write a text message. Most likely part way through, your mobile speak will stop responding, requiring a restart. So. Take the windows restarts and the mobile speak restarts, and you’ll see how frustrated I am.

At first, I thought the simple solution would be to buy a new phone. But it’s sad when a vast number of people who use the newer phones complain of the same issues I’m having. My solution? Go back to symbian.
Of course, this brings up the dilemma of which phone do I get. I was eyeing the n82 until I found out it doesn’t support 3g. I use 3g a lot especially connecting my laptop to my phone for use as a dial up modem. I tend to wonder how big of an issue this would turn out to be. I do want data use though. Which is why I ask. any suggestions. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should look in to?

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