Screwball Scramble

I was recently taking a trip down memory lane and came across this classic game.  I completely forgot I owned it and so wanted to yammer about it a bit.


Screwball scramble is a popular 80’s UK toy.  You use various controlls to move a ball bearing through an obsticle course.  There’s a track you must roll the ball through, a crane to carry the ball, paralel bars you must roll the ball down, a peg maze, and a bit more.


My first exposure to the game was on a trip to Ireland back in the early 90’s.  My seven-year-old mind boggled at the concept of the game.  he concept to me was totally amazing.  I promptly asked for a coppy for christmas, but since there was no internet then Sant.. I mean my mom couldn’t find it.


About ten years later I happened to be browsing a site with old board games and ran across it. Was it possible I could still buy it?  In fact it was.  It’s still being produced so I immedietly bought a copy.  I figured I would throw a few links for those who wanted more info or who may want to pick up a copy and play it.  For someone with visual impairments it’s not exactly the ideal game, but the concept is still kind of neat.  If you have young kids, they may enjoy it.


Wikipedia article


Purchase Screwball Scramble in the US


Purchase Screwball Scramble in the UK


Screwball Scramble done in 8 seconds


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