Removing that Awful 60 HZ Hum

I’ve been having boat loads of trouble getting a 60hz hum out of a stream I run from my cable box to the pc. I run this so that I can listen to TV when I’m out and about. I decided I’d write down my thoughts as to how I’m attempting to deal with this. My options and comments are below.

My setup is not the best in the world. On one side of the room on one outlet i have my tv, home theatre system, and game consoles. Across the room I have my pc, mixer, and monitor. Currently I’m transfering the sound through cables going across the room along the wall in to a beringer UCA222 which then feeds via ASIO in to the pc.

1. The Raspberry Pi

I recently purchased a raspberry pi to mess around with. truthfully, I’m not completely sure why I bought it, but I do have to say that it’s giving me a chance to learn a lot about linux, so that right there is worth it.

My initial thought was to set up the raspberry pi on the same outlet as the tv and cable box. I would run a line from the cable box via component cables to an IMic connected to the Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, this has met with some difficultys.

The major difficulty was getting the Raspberry pi to recognize sound hardware to begin with. I’ve spent the last few days fighting a losing battle with Liquidsoap, Darkice, alsa, Pulseaudio, and the shreds of sanity I have left. the closest I’ve come to having any success is to get Liquidsoap to recognize the alsa device, and stream golden silence. I haven’t quite ruled this method out yet, but I’m close. the major upside to this method would be having the stream run on a separate device freeing up my main machien for other fun Liam-centric tasks.

2. A whole new Sound card

When I had bought the UCA222 a few years ago, I wasn’t so concerned with having digital in or out. After all, Why would I need such a thing? In researching possibilities, it was suggested I consider transfering the audio digitally. I haven’t dug in to buying a new sound card yet, as I don’t want to spend any more money on this project unless I need to. After all, it’s a hobby.

3. Outlets

My other option is to look at investing in some heavy duty surge protection. Currently the computer uses some ancient surge protector from the 90’s and the home entertainment part of my setup uses a squid. Not the Inky kind, but the electrical kind. I am sure that none of these devices carry any sort of noise reduction which may be all I need. Again this entails spending more money which I’d love to avoid. yes I’m cheap.

There are people who are much more expert than I, and this is why I call on you. If you have any ideas, please share with me. I want to have a nice, 60hz hum free stream that I can enjoy out and about. Have I missed something? Let me know in the comments or catch me on twitter.

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