now that I know this works

Ok. So might as well post something of substance. I’ve got a kitten coming in a few hours. A friend of my aunt had a litter of kittens and needed to find homes for them. So April the kitten will be making her way over here in just a few hours. I’ve wanted a cat for a while, and it’ll be nice to finally have one. April is a kitten however, so you know how busy I’m going to be.
In other news, I’ve been doing what I usually do. Broadcasting, coding, and living. I’ve spent a fair amount of time broadcasting on jerry’s station over at
I figgured to kill some time, I’d help rewrite the website. Which would normally be no problem, except that the site has visual elements I need to keep intact. I wish all websites could be in black and white and with no formatting.
It’s been so long since I’ve posted here, I forget how to do anything like add references to users. And. I dunno how this clien thandles all that anyways. Ah well. That’s what’s new here.


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