It lives

I’m really curious who read these things. Seriously. I am. I mean I don’t sit up all night wondering who checks my journal. Tonight I’m sitting up all night slowly melting due to the weather outside. There is just this thing about the weather I can’t understand.

Last winter was one of the worst winters I’ve ever seen in Chicago. It lasted from about mid november, to just about 2 weeks ago. What really got me is how cold my roomg ot. I mean. It seriously was freezing. But now.. Now it’s 70 degrees outside, and for what ever reason it feels like an oven in here. I wish my room could stay in some sort of comfy temperature. I can’t sleep like this, and work comes early. And I’d like to be at some sort of level of awakeness when I have to stumble in to the office rubbing the sleep from my eyes later this morning. It’ll be another day of fighting with microsoft word, and silently cursing my work pc.

so. Anyways. Who looks at this thing anyways? And why is it that we blog in the first place? It could just be my general apathy towards the universe, but reading about what someone ate for lunch and all that doesn’t interest me. Granted, writing about it doesn’t interest me either but I gotta kill time somehow.


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