How to deal with Watch EsPN in IOS

I wanted to talk a bit about WatchESPN which is one of my favorite services.  I constantly use it at home, and wanted to use it when I was out and about.  WatchESPN allows the consumer to enjoy live events from many different sports. for certain sports they also offer expanded coverage. Right now the Wimbledon Tennis tournament is going on and WatchESPN has had complete coverage allowing you to more or less take inwhat ever court you’d like.

There of course is a problem, and that would be accessibility.  The WatchESPN app for IOS is pretty much completely unusable.  List views do not contain any contents, and so it’s impossible to find anything to watch.

I recently found a way around this problem, and I figured I’d document it here.  Once you download Watch ESPN, you can open it and choose your cable provider. In my case it’s Xfinity. I entered my user name and password and the app loged me in. From there I am unable to actually choose an event.. Or am I.  If you visit in Safari you will actually see a list of events, and you are able to browse the schedules.  Double tap on an event to bring up it’s page. Then Double tap the link saying I already have Watch ESPN or something similar.  Watch ESPN will open, and you can commence to getting your sports fix. 

By no means is this a desireable method, but until ESPN fixes it this is what we have.  Figuring this out has really let me enjoy a ton more sports.  I hope it helps you as well.


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