giving away a free copy of judgment day

so I pulled this text off the contest page on JJRN. if you ahven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a read. especially if you like free stuff.

By the end of the week, Judgment day 1.2 will be released at
so I thought that to celebrate the return of sunday night gaming, we’d do something a tad different. The show is more or less a two hours. using an empty
trophy file, how many trophies can I collect in two hours. All week you can submit guesses to
here’s the rules.
1. you may only submit one guess to
Please include your name, email address, and a number between 0 and 40.
2. the guess must be a number, so no aproximations are allowed.
3. all trophies will be earned fair and square using the release copy of judgment day 1.2.
4. trophies involving special times and days won’t be used.
5. the person who guesses the closest with out going over will earn a free copy of Judgment day 1.2 from
In case they already own a copy, they can either choose to give their prize to a friend, choose another current title, or earn an upcoming LWorks title.
6. contestants do not need to be present to win, but all guesses must be submitted before 8 PM Eastern standard time on July 6th to be valid.
7. All jjrn contest rules apply, see the contest page at
JJRN’s contest page
for more info. 8. have fun. that’s a rule.

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