A warning about IOS 8.0

If you decide to update to Apple’s newest operating system please keep these things in mind.

IOS has a couple of outstanding bugs that may negatively impact performance for persons using Voiceover.  I’ve written a bit about the major ones below.  All these things have been found to happen in the Gold master release of IOS 8 which is usually the software Apple ships to customers. It is possible that there may be a completely different build that addresses all of these issues, but that is rather unlikely.

There are instances where Voiceover will crash.  Some people I’ve talked to have had this happened, and others haven’t. It seems like it happens much more frequently on the 4s and 5 as opposed to the 5s.  Your results may vary.

Ocasionally Voiceover will stop responding to touch events on the display of the device. I tend to have to do a mixture of things ranging from locking to out right restarting the device.

If you are a user who wants typing feedback for words only or no feedback while typing, you will find that Voiceover chooses to speak each letter typed. This is not a deal breaker, but is certainly a bug.

If using the new feature to disable audio ducking, you will notice that notifications may cause the voice vollume to temporarily lower.  there are also inconsistencies between vollumes at times.

If using voice messages, voice over will lose it’s place when flicking from messages to controlls to keep and delete messages.

Bluetooth keyboards have a serious bug, but unfortunately I can’t report back on this as I don’t use one.

If I’ve gotten something wrong, or if you’d like to expand then please comment.  My advice for upgrading to any new software is to weigh the pros against the cons. If bugs don’t bother you and you want to check out all the snazzy new features then go for it.  I hope this post may be useful.  If you’ve installed IOS8, write a comment and let me know how you like it.

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