Monthly Archives: June 2008

bye bye kitten

I haven’t been able to handle this cat. I’ve really tried, but between my apparent fear of cats, and the cat’s ability to get in to everything. I just can’t deal with it. I feel kind of bad that I can’t keep her. but.. I don’t feel too horible about it.
She’ll be going back home where there are kittens to play with. And I know the people we got her from love her, so they may be better able to deal with her. This house just isn’t built for a roving kitten.

the kitten

So April got here at around 7:45 this morning. She proceeded to hop out of the cat carrier and do laps around myroom.
The people who we got her from gave us this little mouse on a string. She’s spent most of the day chasing it around when I pull it. She seems to be ajusting well. if you don’t pay attention to her, she starts crying and meeowing. But, she’s a kitten so this is to be expected. The one thing that makes this doable is that she has a collar with bells on it. otherwise, there’d be no way to know where she is. Right now, she’s running around on the floor as always. If she’s this active during the day, I am horified as to what tonight will bring. Oh and yes. I’ve gotten clawed several times aalready. and she’s got some dang sharp claws.


now that I know this works

Ok. So might as well post something of substance. I’ve got a kitten coming in a few hours. A friend of my aunt had a litter of kittens and needed to find homes for them. So April the kitten will be making her way over here in just a few hours. I’ve wanted a cat for a while, and it’ll be nice to finally have one. April is a kitten however, so you know how busy I’m going to be.
In other news, I’ve been doing what I usually do. Broadcasting, coding, and living. I’ve spent a fair amount of time broadcasting on jerry’s station over at
I figgured to kill some time, I’d help rewrite the website. Which would normally be no problem, except that the site has visual elements I need to keep intact. I wish all websites could be in black and white and with no formatting.
It’s been so long since I’ve posted here, I forget how to do anything like add references to users. And. I dunno how this clien thandles all that anyways. Ah well. That’s what’s new here.